Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joanne is alive

Joanne is alive 

I have not been here for 6months. Why ? Because of lazy, busy, internet line lagging and etc. A new year 2012, It made me feel so tired for everything. Maybe is the problem of relationship ? Family ? Friends ? Or else ?? Some times, I will be felt tired until cried. I don't want my life became like that. It's not the thing I want. I promised myself in the year of 2011. I said, I want to be more brave, confidence. I want study hard in my SPM examination coming soon in this end of year. But where is my promised ? The answer is, I break it ! I felt so ashamed. I have been try to chanting when my mood is not good or I have a lot of problems. I will be think to chant. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

High School Training Camp

10.12 - 11.12
High School Training Camp

Sorry that I am late to posted up this. And now only free to blogging. Before a day of the training camp, I have been chatting in phone with a person i like to talked with. We are in phone for until midnight 5am only sleep. And the next morning 6am wake up. Just slept for 1 hour, so tired. I'm happy can be friend with Enn Hooi and also same group with her. She is really a Siao Zha Bo. But her spirit really is magnificently ! We should learned from her spirit. Her experience really is touched ! The tele exchange with Japan really is so cool. And the experience so good. My fire is coming back totally at the same time. I hope the next High School Training Camp will be not the same fault we make, will be make it more perfect and good. And our relationship between SD will be more good.
200 peoples.

More photos at facebook.
Can view it at facebook. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011



Finally, I can so free sit down in front of my laptop to blogging. Did anyone know what did i busy before the days and weeks ? Before that, I am damn busy because of meetings. Everyday busy for the High School Training Camp prep meet. But i didn't mind for too many meetings for me, and also didn't blame anyone to gave me a lot of meetings. Is just because all of this meetings, it let me grow up again and again. It let me learn for a lots. I just feel tired and not enough for sleep. Everyones because of this training camp giving a lot of energy, times. Between this, we facing a lot of problems. In my life, I meet a person that is so pro. Enn Hooi ! I really is so admired you. I hope i will be like you in one day. Maybe the day is not coming yet. I'm wait for you coming and i catch you ! :D Life is beautiful, Year 2012 ! I got feeling tell me, more problems coming soon. And i will be more tired. Dont worry ! I will be stay tough. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brand new.


I'm apologize that i have been not updating for a long time. There was all just because of the internet line lagging every times. OK ! Don't talking about that. Everyone must be want to know how recently i am. Before a week was happened a lot of matters that is unhappy & sad. A lot of the problems facing. I got a feeling want to give up all the problems surrounding of me. And also got a feeling dont wanna attend any events, activities. At the same time, i feel so sorry to someone and all the peoples. When thinking want to give up the time of that, really is the bad and wrong way i'm walking. I promised with a person i'm respect always, a brand new Joanne Lok will be coming out in December. I will be stay strong when all the problems is coming soon on me. No one ! Nothing can flatten me !! Although every year i will be go straighten my hair and stay long hair. But now, i want to change a new look. Ehh. ... But i will be straighten my hair. :D



Monday, August 29, 2011

Sister's birthday


It's was JACELYN LOK birthday

A special thing is she didn't going anywhere with friends for the celebrate

That's really is can't expect

Until 6pm, She was trying to searching about her present

At last, the present from dad is hiding in the cupboard

It was a sony camera video
Watching the video together with little sister.
Happy Birthday ! =D
Key necklace from K'mom
A book she wanted so long given by dad
Sony video camera
Name from little sisterFrom her friend
Her favourite book

Friday, August 5, 2011



It was Wednesday, I finished school earlier at 12.35pm. Great so much ! I can early reached home to resting, online, watching movie and etc. And Mom & sister planning to cooked spaghetti as lunch. I told them, What a special & big day, How can missed my ' Husband ' here ! Hahaa.

Heres the mushroom.

Mom said, The spaghetti like a rubber band

Cooking by mom & sister

K'mom was coming to test the spaghetti, she was so likes about this doggy.

Let's see what she done ?

After finished eating, lying on my bed and play games

Burger King game

I'm sticked on my door and telling mom that i finish school early at august !

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seventeen Birthday

24.7 - 25.7


It's was my birthday

I am very excited about my birthday to countdown

I'm always thinking about what was my dad give me ?? haha

And the last night 24.7 night

Dad say, Now 11pm, if before 12am you can't found your present, then your present no leh

Then i finding & search

Finally, i found my present

When i take down it, so heavy

I guess-ing, after that I saw a word " CANON "

AHHHH !! Camera !!!!

My dad smile when i guess tiok

After get the camera, the first photo I taken.
Little sister & Mom <3

I love " You "
2nd sister said, don't always take my bear to do model har. haha

Bag bunny present from Elder sister
Steal my camera to take photo when i'm going school
Go to choosing birthday cakeInside K'mom's car
My ' Xiao Blue ' xDD
K'mom here.
After back to 1st avenue cinema bean bag " Harry Potter "
My " husband '
Is that cuteee ?

Sing for birthday song for me. =D

Hard for cutting the cake.

Feel nice about this photo.

Canon EOS D1000

Birthday present from Rachel Leong

Happy " Alien " Day ==

Is a blue colour mug

Birthday present from Iris

A blue colour cuttie mug

A blue colour watch from Vee Shen

It was a happy moment birthday for me in this year

Thanks for my family, girls, buddies, classmates for the celebrate & the present

I love you all so muchiesss !! <3

* Please forgive about my photo skills was not very good. *